1645 Timberline Trace

Snellville, GA 30078





Walker High School, Jasper, AL - Graduated with honors.

RETS Electronic Institute Graduated with A.S.E.E.

Bevill State College - Various Computer Courses (A+ Certification Equivalent)

New Horizons Computer Learning Center – Various Dates/Courses

CED Solutions – Various Dates/Courses



Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Security - Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet



Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop OS              DICOM

Microsoft Active Directory/Group Policy                    UNIX

Microsoft SQL Server                                                    LINUX

Microsoft Exchange Server                                           Samba

Microsoft Internet Information Server                         Apache

Microsoft Proxy Server                                                  Sybase

Microsoft ISA Server                                                                    

Microsoft Systems Management Server

TCP/IP Networks and routing,                                                    

 (DNS, DHCP, WINS, PPTP, VPN, POP3, SMTP)                                     

LAN/WAN Installation/Maintenance/Cabling/CAT3/5/6                                         

Sysinternal/Winternals Tools

Etherpeek/Wireshark and other network sniffers                                   

ACD/PBX/VOIP Experience                           

Personnel/Shop Management Experience                                

20+ years experience with remote and on-site customer relations/support                      

10 years Telco experience, including cellular, ISDN PRI/BRI, T1/T3, Frame Relay

20+ years of electronic component-level troubleshooting and repair

Computer hardware troubleshooting, upgrading, and repair

Various software packages, far too numerous to list

ComTrain Certified Tower Climber


I am a ‘Road Warrior’.  Much of the work I’ve done since 1999 has been as a ‘Field’ or ‘Remote’ worker.  I am quite accustomed and comfortable with frequent (often last minute) travel, including planning, arranging, scheduling, and dealing with sudden changes of same.  Tracking and reporting of expenses related to travel is second nature to me.  Save that receipt.


I have significant personnel and departmental management experience, including repair and install shops as well as a medium sized ambulance service.  Years of experience dealing with customers, internal as well as external, face-to-face as well as remote, irate as well as delighted.



Knetworx LLC – Owner/Operator (5/2010 to Present)

               I started this company to fill a need where I lived.  Under the name Smith Lake Broadband and Tower Broadband, Knetworx LLC serves high speed internet to un-served and underserved areas of Winston, Walker, and Cullman counties in Alabama.  I built a fixed wireless TCP/IP network from the ground up that serves nearly 300 customers that would not otherwise have access to reliable broadband.  I researched and selected equipment for a NOC and over 20 tower/distribution sites.  I designed and implemented TCP routing on my regional network, climbed structures and installed the equipment, installed customer equipment, built a VOIP PBX system, and installed, configured, customized and maintained a MSSQL based billing system.  I monitor this network for security and performance, addressing latency and bandwidth bottleneck issues when appropriate, and ensuring that security measures that are in place are adequately protecting the integrity of my network and my customers’ data.  In addition to the technical responsibilities, I also handle billing, customer service, and sales. 

               In 2013, I began marketing computer repair, home and office networking and other services under the name AlaTechnix.  AlaTechnix provides services including repair and upgrade of laptop/desktop hardware, spyware/malware/virus removal, and home and small office secure network setup and configuration.




Varian Medical Systems – Integrated Software Specialist   (7/2002 to 1/2011) 

               At Varian, I installed, upgraded, and provided remote and onsite support for Varian’s Windows-based Radiotherapy Treatment Planning and Record/Verify software. 

               Varian’s ARIA product is a client/server software suite designed to run on various versions of Windows Server, Sybase, and/or Microsoft SQL Server in a Microsoft Active Directory environment.  ARIA client software runs on various versions of Microsoft desktop operating systems.  My responsibilities included specifying appropriate hardware (based on the size and projected growth of the customer’s patient load), building, installing, and configuring the server(s) and their server operating systems, and deploying all client systems. 

               Since they are technically ‘medical devices’, the configuration of both the clients and servers (as well as their environment) is strictly controlled by a strict FDA approval process.  Accordingly, I worked closely with hospital and clinic IT administrators to correctly configure Active Directory OUs, user and computer objects, permissions, and Group Policy to ensure that only approved users, processes, and third party software have access to ARIA data and software.  In some hospital or smaller clinic environments where a Microsoft Active Directory environment was not already in place (or was to remain separate), I would be responsible for building and configuring a Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory domain controller and establishing an Active Directory structure to accomplish these same goals.

               Certain processes within the ARIA suite are very resource and bandwidth intensive.  Deployment across a WAN (or even within a busy LAN) environment would often cause severe performance degradation.  I worked closely with customer IT, network and telecom personnel to troubleshoot latency, bottleneck, firewall, and dropped packet issues.

               My work at Varian also included support for legacy products (as well as products that Varian acquired through certain acquisitions) that are based on UNIX and LINUX.  I was also tasked with integrating these products into the existing network environment, enabling them to communicate with the ARIA suite and hospital PACS systems via common protocols such as DICOM.

               I often worked closely with Development and Product Support Engineering to troubleshoot, debug and resolve product issues and ensure success of beta and/or new product version rollouts. 

               I was promoted in July of 2003 to National Software Technical Support, a group which handles 2nd level technical issues and provides support to Varian Field Service and Installation Engineers.  Duties also included some installation project management responsibilities including pre-sales and pre-installation/pre-upgrade survey, evaluation, planning, scheduling, and customer consultation.  This group is also tasked with creation and verification of technical documentation for Varian software products including installation and upgrade procedures for use by Varian Field Service and Installation Engineers.

               Throughout my tenure at Varian Medical Systems, I was trained in and adhered to strict policies and procedures regarding HIPAA and other relevant law concerning the confidentiality, security, and integrity of patient data.

               My positions at Varian were entirely field or remote based.  I only traveled to Varian offices in Atlanta, San Jose, and Las Vegas for training and occasional meetings.  I maintained a home office and a home test lab environment necessary for the completion of my various work tasks.



Knowlagent, Inc. – Title: Sales/Implementation Engineer (10/2000 to 7/2002)

               Knowlagent (now Intradiem) was a small start-up when I worked for them and as a result I ‘wore many hats’. 

               As Sales Engineer, I was responsible for completion of responses to pre-sales RFI/RFP's concerning Knowlagent's call center oriented web based training software suite, as well as presentations of the product to prospective customers, including C-level company officers. 

               As Implementation Engineer, I was also responsible for installation, configuration and support of this product (as well as its Windows/IIS/SQL/MTS platform) after the sale. 

               My responsibilities also included implementing various ‘first time’ integrations with other common call center components such as various ACDs (Aspect, Nortel, Avaya, etc.), Workforce Management systems (Aspect TCS, Blue Pumpkin, IEX), and Quality Monitoring systems (Nice, E-Talk, Witness, etc.).  I worked closely with Development and Sustaining Engineering to troubleshoot, debug and resolve product issues.  I also assisted customers and their IT administrators in resolving ‘environmental issues’ such as operating system, firewall and router configurations that hindered successful deployment of the Knowlagent suite. 

               After only a few weeks in this position, upper management recognized my strong customer relations, interpersonal, and problem solving skills and began to assign me specifically to key, ‘must win’ accounts that were having as yet unresolved issues with the product suite.


Paragon Solutions - Title: Software Implementation Specialist (6/2000 to 10/2000)
               Duties similar to Knowlagent (above).  Paragon’s web-based e-learning suite was a very adaptable Learning Management System and was marketed to a variety of environments.


Aspect Communications - Title: Systems Analyst (3/2000 to 5/2000) See Aspect below.


Quinton Instrument Company - Title: Network Specialist (3/1999 to 2/2000)

               My duties and responsibilities at Quinton were very similar to those in my position at Varian Medical Systems.  I was responsible for implementing and then providing onsite and remote support for Quinton’s Windows NT based hemodynamic data and digital imaging product.  I also had project management responsibilities that included pre-sales and pre-installation/pre-upgrade survey, evaluation, planning, scheduling, and customer consultation.  In many cases, I planned and executed entire customer network layout and installations in clinics without a pre-existing network environment.  In existing networks, I worked closely with hospital MIS personnel to successfully integrate Quinton’s Windows NT systems and databases with the existing hospital network.  Eventually, I was also tasked with 2nd level technical support and training of other field engineers on equipment and application issues. 

               During my tenure at Quinton, I oversaw several successful Novell-to-Windows NT migrations.  I successfully upgraded and converted several hospital hemodynamic and image databases (terabytes of data) to Y2K compliant format.  This was done on a very tight schedule (last two quarters of 1999).  I also discovered and specified resolutions for post-release bugs in Quinton’s Angiocomm 5.0 Imaging and Archiving Software.


Aspect Communications - Title: Systems Analyst (5/1998 to 2/1999) 

               Working in Aspect Communications’ Atlanta based call center, I used remote tools to provide support to customers and Field Engineers for Aspect's Unix and Windows NT based ACD systems as well as Aspect's CTI hardware and software products. This included troubleshooting problems to local/wide area network, telco, software, or hardware component level.



Prior to the software and computer networking related positions detailed above, I was an Electronics Technician and an Emergency Medical Technician.  Various positions under these titles netted me experience in Telco operations (cellular, ISDN PRI/BRI, T1/T3, Frame Relay), cellular telephone manufacturing and repair, avionics manufacturing and repair, electronic test equipment calibration and repair, as well as repair shop and ambulance operations management experience.